Better JPEG

Opening an image

Open command

1. Click Open icon Open on the main toolbar or select the File->Open... item in the main menu to get to the file open dialog. This command is also accessible via Ctrl+O shortcut.
2. Using the Open dialog, browse to the folder containing the image(s). Alternatively, you can enter the image name in the File name fileld.
3. Double click on the file name or thumbnail corresponding to the image you want to open, or select the file and click the Open button.

Next/Previous commands

Once you opened one of the images in a folder, you can quickly open next/previous image in the folder by clicking Next/Previous buttons Previous Next on the main toolbar or by selecting Next Image / Previous Image in the File submenu of the main menu. You can also use the following hotkeys to browse images:

HotKey Function
Home First image in the folder.
PgUp Previous image in the folder.
PgDn Next image in the folder.
End Last image in the folder.

Browser Pane

You can click on a thumbnail in the Browser pane to open a corresponding image. To browse to a different folder click Change Folder icon Open.

Drag and Drop

You can drag a file from Windows Explorer or other application capable of acting as a drag-and-drop source and drop it to BetterJPEG window to open.

Command line parameters

You can pass a file name as a command line parameter on program start:
e.g. betterjpeg c:\images\image1.jpg

Additional command line parameters:

Parameter Meaning
-mc Start in crop mode
-q Exit on Save
-nb Show no browser panel